Manpower Service for various business sectors

Recruit the quality employees to increase potential of business 


Manufacturing manpower supplying service

We provide the manpower supplying service which deliver people working in the manufacturing operation such as production operator, warehouse staff, logistic staff, and also including Business Process outsourcing (BPO) in production process.

Office Staffing Service

We provide the supplying service for many areas of staffing in office such as receptionist, telephone operator, data recording staff, accounting staff, administrative staff etc. 



Promotion and Sale Staff Service

We provide the promotion and sale staffs who are working in the department stores, shop stores or modern trade stores, including the event areas or exhibitions such as BA – beauty advisor, Promo Lady, Shopping helper or merchandiser etc.

Permanent job position service

We provide the service to recruit talents who have the job qualifications and experiences matching with customer requirement. Also, customer can use Probation Service, let them be hired by Thitaram during probation period and covert to be a permanent employee after pass-probation.


Benefit of Our Manpower Service

Reduce hiring cost and
get the talents as requirement

Able to hire as the permanent position
or the temporary job based on
the period of project 
Thitaram is ready to look after
the orientation and basic training
of new employees to be readiness
on the first working day

Our Clients



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